Monarch Butterflies – This breaks my heart…


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These monarchs are resting on a milkweed blossom, reminiscent of types of orchids. Salmon, Idaho

After 90 Percent Decline, Federal Protection Sought for the Monarch Butterfly

I like to say butterflies are flying flowers. I have been working on a story that will be coming out in the Fall issue of Big Sky Journal Magazine. A big Thank you to Idaho Fish & Game Wildlife Diversity Biologist Beth Waterbury and Wildlife Technician Toni Ruth, in the Salmon, Idaho office. Your huge help with this story and all the work you are putting into the Monarch in this area is very much appreciated.

I pulled this from Center for Biological Diversity article,

“We’re at risk of losing a symbolic backyard beauty that has been part of the childhood of every generation of Americans,” said Tierra Curry, a senior scientist at the Center for Biological Diversity. “The 90 percent drop in the monarch’s population is a loss so staggering that in human-population terms it would be like losing every living person in the United States except those in Florida and Ohio.”

Read the rest here at this link

Grow milkweed. Stop spraying. You will be helping monarchs and honey bees. Please.

Treasuring Friendship


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snow williams creek

Winter brought thick deep fluffy snow. A few weeks ago Kristin, Gina and Hope drug me from work to go play. I had my grumpy pants on but they were insistent. Kristin is a petite little spot of sweetness, the snow was so deep in places I thought we could lose her. Laughter was front and center, especially when Gina took a header…good thing the snow was soft. The forest of pine scented air was something a paper tree hanging in your car could never even come close to.

This week I lost a friend in a plane crash near Lake Tahoe. We have been friends a long time. Darla was a lovely woman, an amazing designer and Mother to Colin and Erin. Our drink was dirty martinis with Sapphire gin. We laughed a lot, shared our dreams, our mistakes and how much we loved our children.

Due to my wanderlust we lost track for a few years. I had been thinking about her a lot through those years but life sometimes confuses what is important. Last fall I was in her neck of the woods and left a message hoping to once again drink a martini with her. She called me back a few weeks later, she had been in Europe with her husband when I left the message. We talked for over an hour that day, it was as if time had not passed. She was so happy and life was good for her. We shared emails, photos of our life in between, texts and phone calls. We were planning a meeting in 2014.

Dont let life confuse what is important, go play in the snow.


Get Ready, Spring is Coming!!


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garden wreath

It is what I fondly or not so fondly call mud season in Idaho. When the snow is melting and the seeds from the seed catalogs are starting to arrive in anticipation of warm soil.

I pulled out this image to make me feel better. It is or was a slide that I scanned. Cyndi of the Corner Stone Gifts helped me arrange this wreath. Well, ok she did 95% of the work. I just kept saying, that is great and I love the blue fence!! Bring on Spring!!

A Wall Tent Christmas


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The setting was high on a remote mountain top with a view far and wide. A full on turkey dinner, cocktails, the music of howling wolves, fireworks and special friends. This was my Christmas. I feel very thankful.  ©iona-mccarty2©iona-mccarty3©iona-mccarty1Jerry and Terry our hosts extraordinaire. George and Margo all the way from Durango, CO. Michael and Jo were married here and they are now expecting their first baby in early Feb.

Burning Woman and the Winter Solstice


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Some of you may have heard of Burning Man in the Nevada desert. Burning Man is on my list of the best of the must see art shows.

Hailey, Idaho hosts Burning Willow Woman on the Winter Solstice. This was my second time going with friends I adore. Rumor has it that this was year 10. I am guessing this years woman was over 30 feet tall. The internet gave interesting directions “Some dudes ranch.” We are a friendly group in Idaho, ask and someone in the Wood River Valley will gladly tell you how to get there.



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