Ranch Life


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By Badger Clark Cowboy Poet

I thank You, Lord, that I am placed so well,
That You have made my freedom so complete;
That I’m no slave of whistle, clock or bell,
Nor weak-eyed prisoner of wall and street.
Just let me live my life as I’ve begun
And give me work that’s open to the sky;
Make me a pardner of the wind and sun,
And I won’t ask a life that’s soft or high.

for the complete poem http://www.cowboypoetry.com/solemn.htm#Pray



Idaho’s Natural Backdrop Wins.


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13 of us skied into a yurt in the Sawtooth’s. I looked at my iphone and thought why not go on a gear vacation, isn’t this a vacation? Normal people do this all the time.

What I know:

  • I love spending time with my friends.
  • Though I really, really missed my camera gear, wine and friends eased this.
  • My friends cook, very well, and Anthony Bourdain would love to dine at their table.
  • I always learn new things playing Cards Against Humanity with this group.
  • Idaho’s natural backdrop, a winner for all of us.

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2014 Saddlemakers Summit Poster


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I thought I would share (better late than never) the poster from the Idaho Saddlemakers Summit 2014. A big Thank you to Steven Hatcher, Folk & Traditional Arts Program Director with/and the Idaho Commission on the Arts, Amy Tonsmeire for the beautiful layout and design, the Salmon Arts Council and all that participated.

FYI from an earlier post: The Idaho Commission on the Arts and the Salmon Arts Council hosted the first Idaho Saddlemakers Summit at the beginning of September 2014. The 2-day event was a first of its kind, bringing together 32 saddlemakers from all over the state to learn from each other and from masters of the craft, Dale and Karron Harwood, and Shep Hermann of Hermann Oak Leather.  Ilona McCarty of Open View Photography made portraits of several of the participants, of which are a few that we’d like to share with you now!  Stay tuned…we’re working on a commemorative poster that will be available later this fall…

Happy New Year!


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Thank you to the many people, places and experiences that have come in front of my lens, or stopped for a hello. I wish you a beautiful, adventures and love filled 2016, with many wonderful doors opening in your life! 

I start each year of my blog with my favorite 10 minute Ted Talk. I hope you love it as much as I do. Thank you, Louie!

Louie Schwartzberg: Nature. Beauty. Gratitude.


Jacket cover From Ilona's Book Fleurish.

Jacket cover From Ilona’s Book Fleurish.

Monofilament Oriole Nest


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Fishing guide, mom of twins, florist, lover of nature and all around wonderful person, Hannah Fast, holds her found Orioles birds nest made of fishing monofilament and pine needles. Though beautiful, nests made of discarded fishing line/monofilament can be harmful to birds easily tangling their feet in the line.