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Lemhi County Historical Society and Museum.

Hope Benedict, Ph.D., is President of the Lemhi County Historical Society and Museum, she wrote her dissertation on Lemhi County. Hope’s care and dedication to the Museum and the people of Lemhi County are unsurpassed. Below is a bit Hope wrote about one of the many exhibits.

Lemhi Shoshone Collection – written by Hope Benedict

The Lemhi County Historical Society and Museum houses the largest collection of Lemhi Shoshoni artifacts on exhibit anywhere.  The Salmon, Lemhi, and Pahsimerai* valleys are the traditional homeland of the Lemhis (Agaidika or Salmon-Eaters) and an extensive collection of clothing, beadwork, arrowheads, and other implements detail their lives in these valleys.

Through a grant provided by the Idaho Humanities Council, the Lemhi County Museum worked with Ilona McCarty – Open View Photography to create a professional image of each artifact.   Once these were finished, the Museum contracted with Drusilla Gould,** Shoshone language and cultural specialist at Idaho State University, to help prepare a catalogue detailing the construction of the artifacts, their cultural relevance, and their Shoshone name.  This catalogue will be made available to regional schools, libraries, and museums.

Visit the Lemhi County Historical Museum website at: lemhicountymuseum.org

*Original Spelling

**Ms. Gould is a member of the Shoshone-Bannock tribes with family ties to the Lemhis.