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©ilona mccarty Bob Miller and his team of awesomeness at Kootenai Prosthetics & Orthotics hired me to make photographs of some of his clients for his website and marketing. These wonderful people live life to the fullest. Thank you everyone!

Gary Wilson had such a great outlook on life. He made us think, laugh and proudly showed us his handicap tatoo, on the back of his leg.

Dian Hanson has a flower garden that would make the most experienced gardener green with envy. She was as beautiful as her flowers.

Denzel Tucker is a kid having fun. Along with introducing us to the animals on the family ranch, he showed us tricks on his skate board and bicycle.

Richard Allen likes to fish and he has a personal understanding to patient care. He is a Certified Prosthetist, Orthotist at Kootenai Prosthetics and Orthotics in Sandpoint, Idaho.

About Kootenai Prosthetics & Orthotics by Linda Hagen Miller

Amazing people walk into our clinics every day. Maybe it’s young girl who needs a scoliosis brace or a little boy with club feet. Maybe it’s a Vietnam War vet who’s been wearing his prosthetic leg for four decades, or a grandma who just lost hers. The grace and courage these patients exhibit in the face of devastating challenges and loss is inspiring and heartwarming. It’s a privilege to help them on their path to mobility.

Kootenai Prosthetics & Orthotics opened in 1980 in a small Coeur d’Alene office. Our current owner, Bob Miller, purchased KPO in 1997. In the past decade, we’ve opened additional offices in Sandpoint, Post Falls and the Spokane Valley (Valley Prosthetics & Orthotics).

KPO and VPO’s patients live as close to our offices as the same zip code and as far away as Seattle, Custer County, Idaho, and British Columbia. Last year one young man came from far, far away. Solace for the Children, a national non-profit organization that brings children from Afghanistan to the United States for medical care, approached us about helping Rahim, an 11-year old boy who lost his leg in an IED explosion.  Of course! we said.

A team of local medical professionals along with KPO brought Rahim back to health, and over the summer we watched him grow from a scared, skinny little boy into a rambunctious kid so comfortable in his prosthesis that he was biking, running, jumping, horseback riding and ice skating.  Our front office staff got so attached we teared up every time he walked through the door, and he and Bob had so many high-five moments that the palms of their hands turned red.

This year we’ve joined the North Idaho/Spokane, Washington Solace efforts and will help five more Afghan children find medical care. “Building peace on a foundation of health” is Solace’s motto, and all of us are lucky to be a part of it.