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Wandering through the cemeteries of Berlin, Germany, I am enamored at the controlled and uncontrolled beauty, art and nature. I am amazed at what has survived after the multiple wars and the bombings of Europe. Many of the grave monuments you see were commissioned by very famous sculptors and architects of the time. These artisans gave the city and/or Europe the historic look we love today. The final resting place of the artists, scientist, doctors and leaders, who paved the way, to help us to learn how to do things and how not to do things.greif ©ilona ©ilona_mccarty21pray ©ovpilona ©mccarty ©ilona_mccarty18 ©ilona_mccarty17 ©ilona_mccarty3 ©ilona_mccarty4 ©ilona_mccarty19 ©ilona_mccarty13©ilona_mccarty22©ilona_mccarty15