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These monarchs are resting on a milkweed blossom, reminiscent of types of orchids. Salmon, Idaho

After 90 Percent Decline, Federal Protection Sought for the Monarch Butterfly

I like to say butterflies are flying flowers. I have been working on a story that will be coming out in the Fall issue of Big Sky Journal Magazine. A big Thank you to Idaho Fish & Game Wildlife Diversity Biologist Beth Waterbury and Wildlife Technician Toni Ruth, in the Salmon, Idaho office. Your huge help with this story and all the work you are putting into the Monarch in this area is very much appreciated.

I pulled this from Center for Biological Diversity article,

“We’re at risk of losing a symbolic backyard beauty that has been part of the childhood of every generation of Americans,” said Tierra Curry, a senior scientist at the Center for Biological Diversity. “The 90 percent drop in the monarch’s population is a loss so staggering that in human-population terms it would be like losing every living person in the United States except those in Florida and Ohio.”

Read the rest here at this link http://www.biologicaldiversity.org/news/press_releases/2014/monarch-butterfly-08-26-2014.html

Grow milkweed. Stop spraying. You will be helping monarchs and honey bees. Please.