About Open View Photography Ilona McCarty

Some people are defined by place. Ilona McCarty is one of those people.

Her home in the Central Idaho Rockies is at once narrow, close-up — a river canyon — and grand — the wide open of wilderness.

Likewise, her perspective as a photographer ranges from the intense closeness of a honeybee’s belly to the far-reaching landscape shot from the precarious perch of a single-engine airplane.

Behind the lens, Ilona is passionately committed to uncovering the secrets behind the form — the color, light, and texture that evade at first glance.

Ilona pushes her cameras to its limits, transforming imagery into art form.

Her latest subject? Mountain pine beetle. “I realize as I walk in the woods around my home that the landscape is changing before our eyes. The green trees we took for granted are now red and soon to be the gray skeletons of a dead forest. I feel like documenting this epidemic is my way of coming to grips with the massive environmental change that is taking place.”

A Short History of the Honey Bee Humans, Flowers, and Bees in the Eternal Chase for Honey, Timber Press/ Workman Books http://www.timberpress.com/books/short_history_honey_bee/readicker-henderson/9780881929423 “Filled with just the right mixture of learning, personal narrative and historical facts, this piece is enhanced by strikingly beautiful photographs by Ilona, set among the pages like brilliant gems. The prose is comprehensible and inspiring.” Meredith Greene, Sacramento Book Review

Fleurish, Sasquatch Books. 150 full color images of flowers, accompanied by evocative, sensuous text. http://www.sasquatchbooks.com “Full page close-ups on such details as the furry stem of a zinnia and the dew-drizzled leaves of a blood lily. Shot this way, even everyday daisies and run-of-the-mill roses regain all the mystery of the exotic.” The Los Angeles Times
Magazines Western Interiors and Design, AARP the Magazine, Big Sky Journal, Big Sky Journal Home, Western Art & Architecture, La Vie Claire, Islands, Garden Design, Sun Valley Magazine, Sun Valley Home Magazine, Cowboys and Indians, Northwest Palate, Diversions, Country.
Newspapers Seattle Post Intelligencer, Honolulu Star Bulletin – Hawaii, Idaho Falls Post Register

Awards and Recognition

2013 January Rangefinder Magazine, Features, Photographers You Should Know “Ilona McCarty Chasing Honey”

2012 Lucie International Photography Awards in Architecture Historic “Cemeteries of Berlin”

2011 Lucie International Photography Awards in Advertising “Cary Schwarz, Saddler, Western Artist”

2010 Lucie International Photography Awards in Nature “Reflections on Okefenokee”

2009 Lucie International Photography Awards in Fine Art series titled “Heart” 

2009 Idaho Humanities Council and the Lemhi County Museum to photograph the largest extant collection of Lemhi Shoshone artifacts.

2008 Idaho State Historical Society “Then and Now: A Photo History” Focusing on the changing American West. Pairing historical photos with current photos by photographer Ilona McCarty. 

2008 Garden Writers Award for Portfolio of published garden images in 2007.

2008 Lucie International Photography Award for Magazine article “The Sweet Life” 

2006 Lucie International Photography Award for her photo book “Fleurish”

2006 October Rangefinder Magazine “Ilona Fleurishes with Floral Photography”

A Short History of the Honey Bee Humans, Flowers, and Bees in the Eternal Chase for Honey, Timber Press 2009.  Fleurish, Sasquatch Books, 2005. 

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